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The Bosco Theatre is an original Dutch "Kermis-circus" tent which was built in 1909. It was used by the Ophof family who performed their own family circus in it.

Across a wide wooden stairway, we reach the "Parade" (a wide, covered, piece of flooring). On this Parade we find the old box office and both entrances into the actual circus hall: a round structure with a diameter of almost 13 meters under a steep canvas roof rising to around 7 meters.

Entering the heart of the tent is a special experience. It is a darkened space in brown and red. The interior exists of a steep tribune (7 levels!) in a half moon shape and offers enough place for 200 spectators. The performing area is 7 meters deep in the middle and 13 meters wide. The back is covered by a black backdrop.

The Bosco Theatre combines great intimacy with a considerable capacity for an audience. A very fine setting for childrens theatre, musical acts, stand-up comedians, puppet theatre, etc.

Recently renovated

3D viewRecently, the Bosco Theatre has been renovated and is in good shape. The tent is very stable for all weather conditions. The roof is covered by a strong dark brown (fire resistant) canvas.

We have emergency lights and fire extinguishers. The tent has an independent construction and can stand without anchoring.

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Corona Theatre

Corona Theatre

Besides the Bosco Theatre our firm is the proud owner of the Corona Theatre,
the smartest mobile tent alive
... built in 2013!

Corona TheatreThe Corona Theatre is now ready to enter the
international Mobile Theatre World!

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